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Giovanni Giraldi



Welcome to gigi's

Owner Giovanni Giraldi is a Lugarno local and has really grown to love the scenery and its people. The area is perfect for raising a young family, with his two kids attending school locally.

Giovanni or Gio, as he is also known, enjoys being part of the community and supports the local football club by lending a helping hand whenever he can.

Born and bred in Sydney of Sicilian parents who migrated to Australia many years ago, Giovanni had a traditional Italian up bringing. Most weekends were filled with family events, no, we're not talking birthdays here, we're talking pasta making days, sauce making days and of course making home made wines. This formed the basis of his love of food and wine along with the creation of some great memories.

Giovanni has been in the food and beverage industry for the past 18 years with his experience spanning across 5 star hotels, restaurants, cocktail bars and the corporate hospitality sector.

With his love of food, wine and people it was only a matter of time that Gigi’s would be born. Offering traditional yet modern Italian cuisine, Gigi’s will leave you in a food coma.

                       Buon Appetito.